Summer Activities

Summer Activities at Wells Gray Park Cabins


Detailed descriptions of hiking trails on the Guesthouse property are provided at the cabin.


Detailed descriptions of hiking trails on the Guesthouse property are provided at the cabin.

A complimentary copy of “Exploring Wells Gray Park” (7th edition) is provided for you to keep. This contains directions and descriptions of 39 hikes in Wells Gray Park. The 400-page book also has about 250 colour photos, road guides, history, geology and natural history. The book is written by Roland Neave, your host and owner of the Gateway Guesthouse.

The Guesthouse property has considerable frontage on the Clearwater River, so guests can enjoy lots of private shoreline for fishing. It is a 1 hour walk from the cabin to the river via Moul Falls. The river’s deep calm pools are home to Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. The Clearwater is a catch and release river with a bait ban and barbless hooks. The fishing season opens July 15. A British Columbia fishing license must be purchased in advance. Chinook Salmon can be caught in August with a special license. For more information contact the regional office website of Fish & Wildlife 

From the Gateway Guesthouse

There are dozens of hiking trails nearby, some on the property and many more that start from the Wells Gray Park road. The trails range in length from 30 minutes to all day. You can hike to Moul Falls which plunges 35 metres over a lava cliff. Walk behind the falls and even swim in the plunge pool below. Try the all-day loop trail through the colourful Hemp Canyonlands.

If you like altitude, then the Trophy Mountain alpine meadows is a favourite destination. Other hikes include Battle Mountain, Table Mountain, the Flatiron, the brink of Helmcken Falls, Majerus Falls and Easter Bluffs. Several trails criss cross the 300-acre Gateway Guesthouse private property and some connect with the extensive network of trails in Wells Gray Park.

River Rafting

Rafting on the Clearwater River is a fun and exhilarating way to see its canyons and rapids. For river rafting excursions contact Interior Whitewater Expeditions at 1-800-661-RAFT (7238) or through their website at

Trophy Meadows

McDiarmid Falls

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