Gateway Guesthouse

The Guesthouse

Wells Gray Gateway Guesthouse is a handcrafted log cabin built in 1998. The name “Gateway Guesthouse” was chosen to reflect the proximity of the cabin to the many natural wonders of Wells Gray Park. Hiking, fishing, boating and many other outdoor pursuits are all at the doorstep or within easy walking/driving distance from the guesthouse. The cabin is private, located beside the Wells Gray Park Road, and complete with most modern amenities.

To ensure privacy for each party, the Gateway is never rented on a shared basis, so each group of up to 6 persons has exclusive use of the guesthouse plus unrestricted access to 120 hectares (300 acres) of private property. There is no daily staff at the Gateway, but our custodian does cleaning and maintenance prior to your arrival. You are mostly on your own for the duration of your stay.


Wells Gray Gateway Guesthouse has 600 square feet on the main floor with a kitchen, living room, bedroom (1 queen bed) and bathroom plus a front and a rear deck beside Shook Brook. The upper floor is an open loft with a second bedroom (2 singles & 1 double bed).

The kitchen is equipped with dishes and utensils for 6 persons, pots & pans, baking utensils, stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave and hot/cold running water. The Gateway is spaciously comfortable and fully furnished including dining table and chairs, two sofas and a small washer & dryer. Heat is from a wood stove or electric baseboards.

A full-size barbecue is available to use on the deck. We have chosen not to provide internet service, satellite TV and phone service in order to give you an escape from modern stresses. Bedding and towels are supplied. Your electricity is generated from a turbine in Shook Brook which flows past the cabin.

An electric vehicle charging station is provided; please bring your vehicle’s cable for a 220 volt outlet. 

Environmental Stewardship

Cabin owner, Roland Neave, taking delivery of trees that were then planted on the 300-acre property where the Gateway Guesthouse sits.  Maintaining the environment on his property has always been a high priority for Roland.

Photo of 4000 seedlings loaded in the truck – April 22, 2016.

The Neave Family Wetlands

Roland and Anne Neave used to own another 160 acres about 10 minutes drive up the Park road from the Guesthouse. They donated this property to Thompson Rivers University in 2014 with the intention that it be used for student research projects in biology, ecology, and geography. The Dean of Science, Dr. Tom Dickinson, was an enthusiastic supporter of the plan since the property has a diverse ecosystem with an extensive wetland of sphagnum moss. At the dedication ceremony, TRU officially named the property the Neave Family Wetlands. TRU President, Dr. Alan Shaver, commented, “This special ecosystem is very important to the Neaves and we are honoured to receive this gift which will benefit TRU students and researchers for years to come.”

The TRU Research and Education Centre is near the Wetlands and opened in 2021. Many generous donors and volunteers supported the establishment of this valuable facility. The Neaves donated most of the furnishings and created an endowment in perpetuity so that student fees for use of the building will never be charged. In 2022, the Centre was almost fully booked with students working on their research.

TRU awarded Roland and Anne Neave with Honorary Doctorates in 2022 in recognition of their dedication and commitment to the protection of the natural environment, their charitable support, and their efforts to educate people about Wells Gray Park.